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Shaping music, lifting it up and taking it in unexpected directions...

Elsiris takes you gently by the hand, guiding you through the lyrical compositions of pianist Jasmien Geijsels. Together with Élie Goulème and Pierre-Antoine Savoyat the trio forms a close-knit entity where improvisation can be playful as well as profound. Their melancholic melodies and soundscapes, evoking cinematic images, result in a delicate and immersive experience.

Elsiris got selected for the semi-finals of Jazz Contest Mechelen 2020 and B-Jazz International Contest 2024.

Our debut album Imprints is out now!
Read more about it here.

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Who is Elsiris?

Jasmien Geijsels

piano - synth - vocals - composition

Pierre-Antoine Savoyat

flugelhorn - FX

Élie Goulème



Our music

With each song on the album, Elsiris leaves an imprint on its listener. Some compositions carry the name of a fictional character, who have their own layered personality that continues to evolve just like a human of flesh and blood. Do they remain a mystery or can they be fathomed over time? Other compositions embody a deep connection with nature, the feeling of being a part of something bigger, as well as a connection between people.

Elsiris’ repertoire primarily features original compositions by its founder and pianist, Jasmien. Her melancholic, sometimes fragile, melodies and skilful use of space and silence transport the listener through a captivating musical journey that transcends time. However, her sound can also be piercingly powerful when the moment calls for it. Pierre-Antoine Savoyat’s warm sound on the flugelhorn in combination with his unique electronic effects create the most beautiful colours, soundscapes and depth. Élie Goulème’s drumming complements the band’s sound, offering subtle as well as solid and lively rhythms.  We had the privilege to have Diederik Wissels and Tsai-Wen Hui join us as guest musicians. Diederik Wissels’ electronic soundscapes adds an extra layer of depth to Helena II while vocalist Tsai-Wen Hui transforms Mathilde and lures you in the story with her voice.

The stunning artwork for our singles and album has been made by the highly skilled and accomplished glass artist Myriam Thomas. Her experimental and intuitive approach to crafting her glass art, combined with her dedication to finding the perfect materials and techniques to convey a story, perfectly resonates with our music and our creation process.

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